Result Buddy

Find your buddy for success.

What is Result Buddy?

Result Buddy is the simple and effective way to instantly find yourself a ‘buddy’ to help achieve your mutual goal.

We all know that certain things in life need support to succeed.

 The opportunities are endless, and the target is to generate success for you in your life by finding your Buddy.

Going to the gym alone is hard, but if you have a ‘buddy’ whom you commit to going with, you’re more likely to go regularly.

Chade-Meng Tan (Google employee #107)

How it works

Just search for your buddy at the top of the page by entering ‘buddy type’, and your location.

The system will then find available buddies who might help you reach your life goals.

Don’t forget to add yourself so that others can also find you for free by selecting ‘Add Yourself’.

Types of Buddies on offer today:

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